Lyric Labs is an ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 Certified Translation Company with more than 1500 translators for 100 and more languages. 


What Factor Made Customers Choose Lyric Labs?

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Our own research confirms the importance of service satisfaction. as it shows that customer service is a primary reason for both switching from a provider and selecting Lyric Labs as a new service provider. Customer Satisfaction is places above the pricing and any other service criteria's.




What Makes Us the Right Choice?


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Though we have entered United States of America in 2013, we are in business since 2008 We are present in 9 locations serving more than 3000 clients from our global offices. We engage more than 1500 translators for 140 and more languages. 

We offer fully integrated services and present a scalable service model. We are an ISO 9001, DIN EN 15038 Certified Service Provider. Our Certified Translation is accepted by almost all Government Departments, Embassies and Courts Worldwide. 




Customized Support for your Translation Requirements and a Full Service Provider


Full service 


For more than 8 years now, both local and internationally businesses like yours have been benefiting from our special Industry knowledge and corresponding process know-how, long-term technology expertise and also our comprehensive integration experience at the Outsourcing, resource management and process levels.

Our customers receive everything from a single source: from translation and desktop publishing to website and software localisation, industry-specific translation and full service provider is how the company is known globally.




Ranked one among the TOP 100 Service Providers in the world. What this means to our customers?




Lyric was ranked one among the TOP 100 translation service providers in the world by Common Sense Advisory. 

What this means to our customers and vendors?

We know Clearly what “best service” means to one customer is not what “best service” means to the next customer—and when a “one size fits all” service model is applied, customer dissatisfaction is often the result.




Our Growth Story


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