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Developing effective strategies for managing day to day operations is an ongoing challenge for our employees.  At Lyric, we believe effective management practices include employing technically oriented and multi skilled people, organizing for cross-functional problem solving, and adopting to multi cultural environment, brings the needed chance.

We have stated our enquiry and order processing details for our anyone to see on we work towards bringing accurate and professional translation service.

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Processing Customer Enquiry

  • Our potential client sends enquiry through email or webform or through online chat
  • The data is captured on our CRM for processing ( pl refer to the print screen image)
  • The enquiry is classified according to the language pair, duration, translator availability, specialization  and few other parameters
  • Once the enquiry is qualified, it is pushed to the project manager for immediate action.
  • The project manager generates an automatic quote from our CRM and send it to the customer for approval with the justification to cost, timeline, validity,etc
  • On receiving the quotation our client either calls to confirm the status or sends in the mail to confirm
  • Both are recorded in our CRM for further action. This way we also keep in track with the client and enquiry history for future use. 

Processing Customer Orders

Customer service efficiency of any company is directly linked to its customer order management efficiency. We handle hundreds of translation requests on a daily basis from as many customers from more than 40 countries. Our custom built order management  solution handles our sales orders and accounts for optimized fulfilment of all incoming orders.


lyric-labs chart-2

Listed below is the process we follow in handling enquiries on a day to day basis.

  • Our clients forward the approval based on our quotation.
  • Some of our clients request sample to see if the translation suits them or to test our skills. We promptly respond to such requests and send. We also send in translator profile for clients to be sure of our capability
  • Once the client approves the quotation or sample, lyric will get the document for translation confirming the request.
  • Lyric will check for the file format, quotation, etc and generate a progress sheet using our project management software and share that with our clients and then assign the work to the Translators in India and allied service resources.
  • Our clients can store the progress sheet and track the work. This helps in multipair and multiple document translation requests.
  • Sometimes the task will have to be handled securely so we have installed a workbench in our server in which we post the task and give link to the translator to login and work on. This way the translator may not be able to save the document or copy the document in any form to his remote desktop.
  • We also transmit the files for translation through FTP, a secured process to ensure the files reach the Translators in India without any vulnerability.
  • Some companies will only use email to transmit the files to Translators in India. As a policy Lyric does not use email to transmit any files to our Translators in India or resources. ( pl refer to the order processing diagram)
  • We monitor progress of translation through our file management system to ensure there is work happening from the time it is assigned.
  • As we are aware of the high reliance on the individuals on a different location, we take proper contingency measures and track the progress every hour and day to avoid delays or issues during the deliveries.
  • Once the files are received from the Translators in India, it is sent to the proof readers who are identified to do while receiving the order. Once the proof reading is done, it is sent to the in house team to do a document validation to check if all the pages or graphics or diagrams are pagination is in order. Required fonts, etc are present and it is ready for delivery,.
  • We transmit the files along with the invoice for processing payment from client’s side.
  • If client has any issues with the translation, we enable a conference call with the translator and the project team for them to discuss and sort out.
  • We treat all documents confidential, unless specified by the client, we delete the data every month as a regular process.
  • We sign NDA’a and SLA’s as per the clients requirement.
  • Hope you are satisfied with information to arrive at a decision? to evaluate and decide on the right translation company for you.




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