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Translation for Legal and Financial Industries

Lyric Labs prepare legal documents using professional experts with experience in document preparation in the country in which the document will be executed.

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Our response time is faster compared to any other service provider in the translation industry 


 Examples of documents that we have delivered to our clients are:

  • Business Documents like contracts, NDA’s, SLA’s, Employee contracts, etc.
  • Financial and Annual Reports
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Patents
  • And Much More

Local native language professionals are a key resource in delivering high quality accurate legal documentation and Lyric Labs has invested in building a network of local partners to enable us to deliver consistent results for our clients enabling them to conduct business worldwide.

Lyric Labs project management skills are used by our clients resulting in a consistent, compliant and accurate legal framework being developed for each language that is required for their business.

We maintain a legal terminology databases for each of our clients to ensure consistency across all languages and documents.

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