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Technical Translation Services

Global expansion often means translating large volumes of content in a short timeframe and on an even shorter budget.
Lyric Labs provides both human technical translation and machine translation. Machine translation from Lyric Labs offers
a low cost alternative to human translation when you need to quickly translate large volumes of content. We also have the
resources to develop a custom translation environment that can include machine translation in combination with human
translation methods in order to meet your budget requirements.

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Technical terminology management is essential to delivering quality technical translation and we capture and manage your unique terminology building dictionaries for each language you require.

The result is a high degree of consistency combined with an efficient and accurate translation. This generates substantial cost savings for you enabling you to reach new markets in less time.

Communicating to a technical audience requires an industry expert to communicate on the same level as the reader. 

At Lyric Labs, we work with translators with industry background or experience to ensure the technical documentation reads well with the technical audience.


Lyric Labs has many years experience in providing technical translations for:

• Engineering specifications
• Operating Manuals
• Bill of Materials
• Patents
• CAD Drawings
• Presentations
• Catalogs
• RFP Responses
• E-Learning
• Safety Manuals
• Installation Manuals
• Software and Hardware UI
• Labels
• Training Materials
• Marketing Materials
• Technical Proposals
• MSDS and Data Sheets
• User Guides
• Multimedia audio and visual
• Websites 



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