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Translation for Governments, Embassies and Courts

Process 13-Government

Government Departments and Public Sector Companies Use Our Services For Secured Document Handling Procedures

Our clients include both authorities and the Government Offices in many countries including Department of Immigration and Citizenship, Department of Manpower, and Human Resource departments.

Public sector departments need to communicate with many nationalities in their local language and Lyric Labs provide a complete range of high quality services in a secure environment that meet strict budgetary requirements.

Lyric Labs has gained massive experience in the public sector translating policy documents, information booklets, consent forms and annual reports into a wide variety of languages.

Some of the Documents we do for the public sector are:

1. Consent forms
2. Welfare Documentation
3. Legal and Certificate Translation
4. Medical Documents
5. Vaccination papers
6. Advertisements, Announcements, etc

Lyric Labs ensures a consistent high quality translation across all languages using a secure environment that resulting in a quick, efficient and confidential service.

Our services are very cost effective meaning that our public sector clients can effectively manage their budgets and still deliver high quality services to their clients.

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