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Website Translation Services

Lyric Labs resources include translators specialized in creating compelling web content that engages the reader in a way that is relevant to their context, culture, demographic and geographic location.



Reasons why you should translate your website?

Increase your website traffic by more than 60%. publish your multilingual website.
Get more traffic to your website. Lyric Labs has the capability to ensure you
reach the global customers in countries like China, Japan, Europe, South East  Asia, Middle East.





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Why Lyric Labs?

We can translate and localize in HTML, including HTML5 and XML and can work on any
Content Management System including Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento.
Multilingual website content makes sure that you are communicating in the language
of your customers and will drive your business success in international markets.











 In 2013 Lyric Labs managed the project to localize www.airwick.com in 14 international languages. The project was completed on time and within the agreed budget resulting in an 80% increase in website traffic, stronger reader engagement, more product reviews and an increase in international sales revenue.

Lyric Labs has over 8 years of experience in international content creation and management and offers you everything you need to efficiently manage multilingual content in multiple geographic locations and time zones.

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Our Multilingual Content Management Services are used for:

• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Internal training materials
• Videos
• Product and service information
• Forum moderation and participation
• Social media marketing
• Blog writing
• Advertisements
• Articles

The Lyric Labs network of professional translators includes local SEO experts for all major countries and can quickly respond to the changes made by major search engines including the smaller localized search providers resulting in our clients being assured that their brand is positioned correctly and reacting to the constant change in trends and market moods.

Our team delivers country specific search engine analysis and multilingual keyword optimization based on high quality targeted research in each local market.



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